Built in 1539, near the picturesque town of Banbury, England, Sulgrave Manor is the ancestral home of George Washington.

Because of a very special relationship between concerned citizens of both Great Britain and the United States of America, Sulgrave Manor is now a wonderful attraction and example of a 16th century Tudor Manor House and garden.

Its roots are deep and lasting as it echoes from our 17th century American shores back to 16th century England.

The most important job for us is to help keep it thriving.

Today when you tour Sulgrave Manor you see the permanent exhibitions of the life and work of George Washington and his family.

It is open to the public with educational programs for schoolchildren to see how life was in early Elizabethan times. The Manor not only has educational programs for visitors, but many weddings, family parties, and corporate gatherings take place on the grounds. Please learn more at
www.sulgravemanor.com regarding hours of operation, admission prices, programs, events, and more.

It is estimated that the total cost of maintaining Sulgrave Manor per year could be as much as $400,000. You can see how important contributions are to maintain the "perpetual care" of this beautiful old Manor, which is our overseas treasure.           
The Manor
Where To Send Donations . . . .

For your donation to the the roofing project (or for any donations), please send checks to:

Mrs. William H. Schaaf, Jr. (Susie)
1553 Hill Road Court
Louisville, KY 40204

Please make the check out to:
Friends of Sulgrave Manor.
Friends of Sulgrave Manor

Dedicated to the preservation and maintenance of Sulgrave Manor — George Washington's Ancestral Home in Northamptonshire.
For 100 years, held in trust for the peoples of the United Kingdom and the United States.

An Update!
In September 2013 WMFB commissioned a heritage-led business plan with a grant of £30,000 through the Paul Mellon Estate, to develop a focused course of action for the site. Led by heritage consultants Jura, the report will identify ways of improving the future sustainability of the site, so that Sulgrave can once again be a valuable cultural and educational resource for local, national and international visitors.
World Monuments Funds
Recognize Sulgrave

Last fall, the World Monuments Fund in Britain recognized Sulgrave as a significant heritage.Their mission is to preserve the world's architectural heritage of significant monuments, buildings, and sites. In partnership with local communities, funders, and governments, WMF seeks to inspire an enduring commitment to stewardship for future generations. 
WMF recognize that Sulgrave Manor is a small trust with limited resources. This is compounded by conservation challenges, such as rising damp and leaking windows, which have put the collections housed within, including George Washington's personal items, at risk. They state that the site would benefit from greater public awareness about its significance and its Anglo-American legacy. 
We are hoping that with this recognition we will have increased national and international attention. As I write this, the WMF has commissioned a company to go over the Manor and give us a report not only on its condition, but also a plan for its ongoing future.

Bess Fuchs, Friends of the Sulgrave Manor Trust President

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